KT Cables

Our brand KT Cable Accessories represents innovation through it’s unique products and services.

KT is consistently designing new and innovative products that feature competitive advantages, supplying  the Automotive, Electrical, Industrial, Marine & 4WD markets Nationally throughout Australia. KT Supplies some of Australia’s leading Automotive Retail Outlets and is distinctly known for it’s unique & modern marketing capability.

KT Solar, the solar division of KT Cable Accessories was established in 2017 and provides a wide range of fixed & portable solar solutions for camping, 4WD, Caravanning, Marine, Electrical and a wide range of other applications. KT Solar is iconic in many of Australia’s Leading Automotive Retail Stores and also OEM markets, with sola panels being fitted directly to electric vehicles Australia-wide.

KT is committed to innovation through it’s products, services and customer service excellence.

Visit www.ktcables.com.au for more Information