Project 4WD – The Clean Up

The team at Automotive Electrical & 4WD Accessories are very excited to announce ‘AE4A Project 4WD’. Over the next 4 months, we will be keeping you updated as we progress through a re-build of a 1994 80 Series Toyota Landcruiser. The 4WD will under-go an extreme transformation aesthetically, and be fitted with leading performance products. Watch this space for exciting updates and watch as we turn this dirty, paint-stripped, rugged beast into something amazing!

Stage 1 – The Clean-Up!

First Things First! This 4WD needs some TLC. After years of sitting in the sun on a farm, the 4WD was picked up with mud, spider-webs, faded paint, scratches, rust, torn seats and generally has not had an owner to care for it for quite some time.

Now that it in our hands, our first step is to clean it up as best we can! Here are some photos of it’s current state, and we can assure you, it will look a little different in our next update!

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