Truck Mounted Arrow Board

Designed and manufactured by OPTRAFFIC, the Vehicle Mounted Arrow Board (VMAB) is a waterproof LED board that can display up to 12 flashing patterns.

OPTRAFFIC VMAB is an ideal tool for local traffic management, council & constructional engineering and mining work safety by showing high brightness Flashing arrows, Caution Bars and Directional Signals while installed on regular trucks, vans, vehicles and large attenuator trucks.

  • Gross Weight: Vmab-13 (31.6kg), VVMAB-26 (38.6kg), VMAB-15 (38kg),VMAB-30 (45kg), VMAB-25 (40kg), VMAB-50 (47kg)
  • LED Colour: Amber
  • LED Lifetime: 100, 000hrs
  • Frequency: 30-40Hz
  • Controller: Mechanical Handset
  • Power Cable: 4.5m
  • Power: Dc 12C
  • Temperature: -10~65 °C
  • Material: Aluminium