Variable Speed Limit Signs

Designed and manufactured by OPTRAFFIC, the Variable Speed Limit Sign (VSLS) is a fully solar powered device that can display any range of numeral speed, text message, graphics and animations in white.

OPTRAFFIC VMAB is an ideal tool for local speed control of traffic management, council & constructional engineering and also to analyse the traffic condition by logging the vehicle speed.

  • Display: 1180(L) X 1180(W) X 140(D)
  • Gross Weight: 630kg
  • Key Switch
  • Voltage:12V
  • Power Cable: 2.3m
  • Material: Aluminium
  • Finish: Powder Coating – Opt Yellow
  • X4 Extendable Jacks
  • Battery: 2 X 150Ah
  • Solar Panels: 2 X 150W Panels
  • Regulator: 30amp