Our Brands

Dolium distributes a wide range of premium brands including National Luna, Boab, Eezy Awn, K9 Rack, Aventa and Quick Fist.

Our Brands


National Luna

Dolium is the proud Australian Distributor of National Luna, a highly respected manufacturer of commercial quality portable refrigeration, originating in South Africa and now sold in many countries.

National Luna’s high performance fridges/freezers have been sold in Australia for over ten years and have established a reputation as the choice for 4WD; RV owners and other applications needing serious performance in the toughest conditions. More widely known for their high performance portable Fridge / Freezer range, National Luna also manufacture a range of innovative Dual Battery system products.

Originally designed to meet World Health Organisation specifications for transporting medicines in harsh African conditions, National Luna fridges are now the preferred choice of safari operators, caterers, mining companies, travellers and 4WD’ers who desire commercial grade quality and serious performance with low battery consumption in demanding conditions.

What makes National Luna better?…. Performance is the answer!
Performance in the form of a proven ability to refrigerate or freeze safely in very hot weather and to deliver this performance with the lowest possible power consumption, with reliability and a long life second to none. Food lasts longer and no matter what the climate, you will have a working fridge or freezer.



Dolium is the proud Australian Distributor of BOAB, a brand purely representing the highest quality and comprehensive range of Off-Road 4WD Solutions.


BOAB provide vehicle mounted Storage Systems or Fuel & Water Tanks also have unique capabilities to suit very harsh environments. BOABS innovative products have been designed by experienced 4WD’ers, for experienced 4WD’ers to provide practical solutions to storage problems.  

  • BOAB roller drawer systems feature removable boxes to allow loading away from the vehicle and then ease of use at the camp or work site.
  • BOAB Ute slides are ideal for tradesman and campers wanting quick easy access, especially when canopies are fitted.
  • BOAB Fuel & Water tank range is designed to use space efficiently and give strong safe storage.   
  • The BOAB range of nets and organisers offers clever solutions to storage inside and outside of the vehicle.



Eezi Awn & Aventa

With over 30 years experience in the Australian 4WD Industry and own travels all around the country side, the Eezi Awn & Aventa brands provide quality Awnings and roof tents designed for 4WD camping and off-road adventures! Eezi Awn & Aventa are relied on for their performance and durability and are the ideal product of choice for serious safari expedition and 4WD Tourers.

Whether you are chasing a quality solution for efficient shade, and ideal for quick road-side stops or extended campouts or the most comfortable form of elevated camping, Eezi Awn and Aventa Awnings and Roof tents have been proven equally on 4WD’s Camper-vans, Caravans and even on work vans where quick, easy shade may be required.


Quick Fist

Quick Fist are known for their wide range of one piece rubber mounting clamps, Tie down belts, Roll Bar Mounts and more.  Quick Fist Clamps are used for a wide range of applications including mounting Fishing Rods, wire bundles, small flash lights, hand tools, brooms, poles and can also be used to mount objects to pipes or round tubing.


K9 Rak

K9 Rak are known for their revolutionary cutting edge advancement in expedition style rack design. The K9 System is engineered and manufactured at the Eezi-Awn facility.

With over 31 years of experience in the expedition market across the globe, Eezi-Awn knows what is necessary in a rack and what will take it to the next level. The K9 Roof Rack System is thinner, stronger, more functional, aerodynamic and made to last.

Simply a Smarter Rack

Thin Design – The K9 Rack platform is 1-3/8” tall, making it one of the thinnest racks on the market

Aerodynamic Form – The exterior edge of the platform is an aerodynamic wedge to let air pass smoothly across the surface and with the platform slats oriented front to back, there is very little to catch the wind, reducing wind noise and vibration.

Incredibly Strong – The platform slat extrusions offer incredible tensile strength. Combined with lateral bracing, the platform is strong enough for any load requirement.

Infinitely Compatible – 2 slots are designed into each platform slat to hold the head of an 8mm hex headed bolt, providing infinite mounting location options both laterally and front to back.

Eezi-Awn Quality – World class construction and support for your investment. We stand behind our products.

Able to Manage Any Task

Thule and Yakima Sport Bar Compatible – Already own gear for your roof? No Worries. You can use your bike, boat and ski mounts on top of the K9 rack. By using Thule or Yakima track towers in the K9 platform slots you can add sports bars and all your accessories. No need to scrap your existing gear to use this system.

Flat Platform Design – The K9 platform is absolutely flat. Now you can mount your Roof Top Tent directly to the flat surface, making it much more aerodynamic. Your cargo carriers will match up much easier as well.

Hard Working, Top and Bottom – Slots in the platform extrusions are accessible on the bottom of the rack, at both the front and back of the rack. So you can add lights, tables and other accessories to the bottom of the rack as well.

Cutting Edge Design – The aerodynamic platform edge has a slot in the top that accepts a 6mm hex head bolt for mounting equipment to the edge of the rack system. A K9 specific edge mounting extrusion is available as an accessory and allows you to mount awnings and other equipment vertically to the outer edge.